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Q: Could you give me some information about "sound therapy"? 

A: For its effectiveness, sound therapy relies on the fact that every cell in the human body has a specific frequency of vibration. When the individual is in a good state of health, each cell vibrates at the correct frequency at a constant rate. It is assumed that when the individual is not well, for whatever reason, mental or physical, that the vibration rate and frequency become disturbed and
thus the diseased cells display a vibration that is of an unnatural rate and rhythm. According to sound therapists, it is possible to restore the cells back to their normal vibration state by introducing sound waves of an appropriate frequency. Whilst there is little scientific evidence to support such an assertion, it is interesting to note that conventional medicine uses the destructive properties of sound waves to break down tissues, as in the destruction of kidney stones; ultrasonic scanners are used as a diagnostic tool, relying on the fact that different types of body tissues absorb or reflect sound. 

It is suggested that people who have cancer, phlebitis or rheumatoid arthritis or who may be pregnant should not use sound therapy.

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