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Here are some EXCELLENT reasons to START SMOKING.

With the direct help of a cigarette-you can achieve all of this!!



1) Increase your chances of developing heart disease - twice as likely;

2) increase your chances of having high blood pressure;

3) increase your chances of developing blocked arteries due to the build up of cholestorol and fats. This increases your chances of having a stroke;

4) increase your chances of developing lung disease and emphysema (this means you are constantly short of breath). It is highly likely you will develop chronic bronchitis;

5) increase your chances of developing cancer of the lung, 25 times more likely. Cancer of the mouth and throat, 10 times more likely;

6) increase your chances of getting more colds and bronchitis than people who do not smoke;



7) increase your chances of having stained yellow teeth and fingers;

8) increase your chances of your clothes, breath and hair smelling of stale smoke;

9) increase your chances of developing facial wrinkles and lines earlier than those who do not share your habit;

10) decrease your bank balance.

In the UK a packet of twenty cigarettes a day will set you back at least £3 000 over 2 years. At the present prices, if you smoke for 44 years, this will cost you £66 000.

If you start smoking at sixteen, the length of your life is likely to be reduced by 10 to 15 years.

This works out at about 5 and a 1/2 minutes for each cigarette.

So you will probably not smoke for longer than 44 years.

Big savings to be made here!!!