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Question: What are the changes in stress over the years due to technology?

Answer: Work has become less physically demanding - particularly for blue collar workers- but increasingly technologically demanding, i.e. the car industry and the introduction of robots - these can work for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year. This involves major changes in work methodology by the work force.

At management level the computer has replaced the secretary for many lower and middle managers. Lap top computers, fax machines, mobile phones etc mean that a great deal of work can and does take place at home, on top of the working day. Management styles have had to change in the technological
environment, i.e. managers may use email to communicate with staff leading to loss of personal contact. Lack of social contact - everyone in their own little world behind their PC.

Speed of working - with the introduction of emails, faxes etc deadlines have become even tighter and more demanding.- instant response in some cases.

When any of these don't function this contributes to major increased stress - trust us we know!!

Fear - people fear the introduction of technology, i.e. changes in work patterns.

Worry, will they be able to cope with the new technology?

Will they lose their jobs?

Boredom - while jobs may be physically demanding they may have become increasingly repetitive, e.g. supermarket check out staff passing items over a bar code reader all day.

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