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Some facts about forces 


We cannot see forces.    We can see and sometimes feel the effects they have on things.   

  The balloon in the picture is affected by forces. 


Forces can make things speed up.    When you hit a tennis ball it speeds up.   


Forces can make things slow down or stop.    A parachute can make an object slow down because of air resistance.   


Forces can make things change direction.    You can make a cricket ball change direction by hitting it with a bat.   


Forces can make things change shape.    If you squeeze or kick a football, it will be compressed.   


Forces can make things turn.    You can use a spanner to slacken or tighten a nut.   



How do we measure force?

We measure force in newtons.    We use an instrument called a spring balance known as a force meter or a newton meter.   

    Forces usually act in pairs.     
    Forces act in a particular direction.