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Living Things and Their Environment



A HABITAT is where a plant or animal lives.

The HABITAT provides the plant or animal with FOOD and SHELTER and enables them to produce and rear their young in safety.



Where would the habitat be for the animals below?

Why do you think they would live there?

Click on each one to find out.





Unlike us, plants and animals cannot change their clothes to suit the environmental conditions where they live. So they have ADAPTED to their HABITAT.

Certain animals and plants are able to live in the extreme of heat of deserts. Some are able to live in the intense cold of the polar regions. Some live in dense forests and some on wide open plains.

Some habitats are large.

Some habitats are small - a garden wall or underneath a stone is a habitat for some species.

They can all live where they do, because over millions of years they have developed specific features to help them to suit their HABITAT.


Click the polar bear to find out how it has adapted to its environment.