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Types of Energy

Do you know there are eight types of energy?

Light Energy    Anything that is luminous gives off light energy.    Things such as candles, bulbs and the sun give off light energy.   

Kinetic Energy    This is energy due to movement.    Anything that moves possesses kinetic energy.  

Gravitational Potential Energy    This is energy due to position above the ground.    When something is lifted up it gains energy. An aeroplane and a snow boarder can fall and have potential energy.     
Sound Energy    Sound energy is produced by a vibrating object.   Sound energy from a radio or a guitar travels in waves to your eardrum.  

Electrical Energy    When an electric current flows, there is electrical energy.    A current flowing in a circuit can  provide energy to power a computer.  

Chemical Energy    Batteries, foods and fuels store energy which can be produced in a chemical action.    Our bodies are able to release energy from food in a chemical process which involves oxygen.   

Heat Energy    Above a temperature of absolute zero everything has heat energy.   A flask of hot water has more heat energy than a flask of cold water because the molecules are moving more quickly.  

Elastic Energy    When anything is stretched it has elastic energy.    Stretching the rubber of a slingshot allows energy to be stored, which can be used to cast the shot.  Energy stored in the rubber band of a toy plane can make it move.