Be a Super Searcher and see if you can find the answers to these ten questions in the section "Five Kingdoms of Living Things ".


a: Print out this sheet.

b: Write your answers in the space provided.

c: When you have finished pass it to your teacher.

Question 1:

Living things are classified into 5 kingdoms. Can you name them?

We have started you off with the first letter.



P __________________

F __________________

P __________________

B ___________________

Question 2: Can you complete this sentence?

The A___________ K___________ has animals with backbones: these are called v_____________; and animals without backbones: these are called i___________________.

Question 3:

Write down below 4 types of v______________________ animals.





Question 4:

Now write down 4 i_______________________ animals.





Question 5: Now try this one!

The plant kingdom is divided into 2 subgroups. See if you can complete the words below to show each subgroup.

1. F__________________ P____________.

2. N___ - F______________ P_______.

6: Green plants contain c__________________ so they can make their own food.

Question 7: This is quite difficult!

The green colour called c___________________ found in a plant's leaf, together with sunlight allows carbon-dioxide and water to be combined to make food.

This process is called p_________________________.

Question 8: Now see if you can make up these sentences.

Fungi are not green because they do not contain c__________________.

Fungi do not make their own food, they feed on v_____________ and a_________________ matter.

Question 9:

Protists are simple animals and are made up of o_____ c_________.

Question 10: Last one!!

Write down below an example of a protist.