Be a Super Searcher and see if you can find the answers to these ten questions in the section about magnets.


a: Print out the following sheets.

b: Write your answers in the spaces provided.

c: When you have finished pass the sheet to your teacher.

Question 1:

The first magnets were known as:

m_______________________ or l_______________________

Question 2:

Sailors used l_______________________ to help them navigate. They had found that when a piece of m_______________________was suspended from a thread it came to rest in a N_______________________-S_______________________ direction.

Question 3:

Magnetism is concentrated in the p_______________________ of a magnet.

Question 4:

The Law of the Magnet is:

Like poles _______________________

Unlike poles _______________________

Question 5:

The area round the magnet in which magnetic materials are attracted by the magnet is called the _______________________ _______________________.

Question 6:

Magnets are usually made of:

I_______________________ or S_______________________

Question 7:

Materials can be p_______________________ magnets or

materials can be i_______________________ magnets.

Question 8:

In an unmagnetised piece of iron or steel the m_______________________ are arranged at random with the poles pointing in lots of different directions.

Question 9:

The M_______________________ Theory of M_______________________ suggests that in a magnet all the m_______________________ are lined up with their own North-seeking poles all pointing in the same direction and with all the South-seeking poles pointing in the opposite direction.

Question 10:

A steel bar can be made into a magnet or a steel magnet can be demagnetized by

h_______________________ or h_______________________