Be a Super Searcher and see if you can find the answers to these ten questions in the section "Reproduction in Flowering Plants".


a: Print out this sheet.

b: Write your answers in the space provided.

c: When you have finished pass it to your teacher.

Question 1: Can you fill in the gaps to make up this sentence?


All flowering plants have m_____________ and f______________, r________________ organs.

Question 2: Now can you complete these sentences?


a) The m______________ r___________________ o_________ is called the



b) The f____________ r___________________ o_____ is called the

c __________________.


Question 3: See if you can write down below 4 types of flowering plants.






Question 4: Here is another sentence for you to complete.


The a_____________ and the f______________ together make up the s______________.


Question 5: Write down in one sentence what you think is found on the anther part of the stamen?




6: The female part of the flower is made up of what three things?


a) S __________________.

b) S __________________.

c) O ___________________.


Question 7: Why does the pollen need to get from the stamen to the carpel.




Question 8: Can you find three ways that the pollen gets from the male part of the plant to the female part?



a) _______________________.

b) _______________________.

c) ________________________.




Question 9: Here is another sentence for you to complete.

When the pollen is transferred from the stamen to the carpel the process is called

p ______________________.


Question 10: Last one!!


Write down in a sentence what the fertilised ovule becomes?